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This app is a simple shortcut to the KitKat, Lollipop/Marshmallow Easter eggs. The KitKat Easter egg is accessible from Android 4.4 - 7.1.1, the Lollipop Easter egg is only accessible on Android 5.0-5.1.1, and the Marshmallow Easter egg is accessible on Android 6.0 - 7.1.1.
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MoBeta Assist
Have you ever wanted to search google from any app? Well now you can! Wow! 
1. Enable a quick settings toggle (Android Nougat and above)
2. Replace Google Now On Tap or Swipe Up for Google with MoBeta Assist for faster searching.
3. Switch between voice and text searches and now also directions to work, home and quick access to weather.
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MoBeta Walls
With over 50 beautiful wallpapers, MoBeta Walls is the wallpaper app for you. Every wallpaper is made by me, Jonah Kallen. The wallpapers are cloud based so no update is needed for new wallpapers to be added!
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You need a quick text emoji? We've got you! Very simple, very easy, very free. Enjoy!
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